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June 2021 Practical Course Waitlist

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We have updated our practical course to reflect the CAPR's new virtual exam format. It will allow you to prepare for the exam in the same format that you will be tested in!

You will have access to an online classroom and live sessions.

What's Included in the Online Classroom?

  • 30+ hours of videos
  • Manuals
  • Demo stations
  • Recordings of all webinars
  • Practice stations with standardized patient instructions and 8 minute mark questions
  • NEW! Access to all practice stations from the live sessions and suggested practice stations

Live Course Sessions Include:

  • All sessions include a live instructor and up to three other students
  • 6 practice stations in private breakout rooms to simulate the new virtual PCE format
  • Personalized feedback
  • Detailed review of station questions
  • Adapted sessions to meet the new virtual practical PCE format

Example Course Schedule:

  • Week 1 — MSK Example OSCE Stations: Lower Extremity Pathologies — Subjective History Taking
  • Week 2 — MSK Example OSCE Stations: Upper Extremity Pathologies - Special Tests
  • Week 3 — MSK Example OSCE Stations: Scans — Joint Mobilizations - Manual Muscle Testing
  • Week 4 — Cardiorespiratory Example OSCE Station: Lung Pathologies - Breathing Clearance — IPPA
  • Week 5 — Transfer and Mobilization Example OSCE Stations: With/Without Lines - Balance Assessment
  • Week 6 — Neurology Example OSCE Stations: CVA - SCI - Tone Assessment
  • Week 7 — Multisystem Example OSCE Stations: RA/OA - Spondylitis - Osteoporosis/Osteopenia
  • Week 8 — Multisystem Example OSCE Stations: Modalities - Pregnancy - Paediatrics
  • Week 9 — Multisystem Example OSCE Stations: Infection Transmission - Ethics
  • Week 10 — Exam Review

Our team will contact you when preregistration opens and when course spots are released. Email us at [email protected] if you have any questions!


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